Only for grown-ups

Hello Stranger

Heinz Tomato Ketchup Balsamic Vinegar is a new addition to the Heinz family. It’s just as good as it sounds – and more!

FFC has been tasked to launch the ketchup with the ”slightly more grown-up taste” in Scandinavia. For the next three months, a branded Heinz train will be rolling round the Stockholm tube system, starting today. The first to take a picture of the train and submit it on Facebok will receive a free bottle. You can design an invitation and ask a friend – or perhaps that guy or girl you’ve been making sheep’s eyes at? – for dinner using a special Facebook app. This also grants you a free bottle.

While the Hello Stranger campaign is launched in the shops and online, another activity targets leading food bloggers and -writers. A bottle of Tomato Ketchup Balsamic Vinegar in an exclusive box is to be sent out to bloggers, writers and a number of carefully selected restaurants.