Happy eastern!

We´ll be gone for a couple of days now. And so will probably you. See you on tuesday!

Welcome Julie!

We have a new leader in the “coolest name in the office”-contest. Sorry Marcus Mckinley, aka Junior, but the new champ is our new intern Julie Rocco. That´s right. Julie Rocco (straight out of Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall) will be helping us out with pretty much everything connected to graphical design and dead birds. Yes, apparently she is quite into taking arty pictures of dead birds. Questions anyone?

Gear up your life!

We are currently helping our friends at Workshop with a huge campaign named ”Gear up your life” for Samsung. By visiting Samsung centers across the country customers can win products at a value of 40.000SEK. We are going live today at: www.gearupyourlife.se

Welcome Sparbanken Öresund!

We´re happy to announce that our neighbours from across the street now also are our clients. Our sleeves are rolled up and we´re ready for takeoff.